Although my drawings and watercolours, made directly from nature and found objects, are fundamental in my work, how any painting will end up is as much a surprise to me as to anyone.

In the studio memories at the time of being in a particular landscape or drawing an object from my collection are mixed with emotions at the time of painting; colours and mark making are layered, scraped, added and taken away until the work is interesting and unexpected enough for me to be able to leave it. Often paintings have to be put aside for days or months and brought back so they can be tackled in new ways until I am happy with the results and I am surprised by what I have made.

One piece of work follows another, series of paintings work together.

When starting a new painting there is usually some element/idea from a previous work that comes in to my mind and I surround myself in the studio with objects, sketchbooks, photographs and start to paint ….

I originally trained as a Textile Designer (Print) and have been painting for over thirty years but working as a professional artist for  the last few years.


 Education and professional development

2019 Exploring Sculpture Morley College  tutor Lara Ritosa Roberts

2018/2019  Fine Art Mentoring Course Morley College   tutor Erika Winstone

2017/2018  Fine Art Mentoring Course Morley College   tutor Erika Winstone

2017    Advanced Painting practice tutorials Morley College tutor, Stephen Wright

2016    Advanced Painting Practice- Morley College tutor, Stephen Wright

2015    Portrait painting Morley College-tutor Rupert Record

1997-2015  Qualified & worked as Speech & Language therapist/outreach in London

1986- 1996  Self-employed (with one partner) small business hand printing & painting textiles

1978    BA Hons Textile Design (Print) Leeds University


Exhibitions and Awards

2019  Response to films of Margaret Tait Group Show Morley college

2019 Final exhibition Fine Art Mentoring (2nd year) students Espacio Gallery

2019  Embody  Spaghetti House , WC1A 2QD A group exhibition of sculpture  and Masks and Wearable    sculpture by Morley College students- tutor Lara Ritosa Roberts

2019   London Bridge Open 2 part of London Festival of Architecture, London Bridge Hotel

2019  Dulwich Festival Open Artists’ studios

2018 Final  exhibition Fine Art Mentoring tudents Espacio Gallery
2018  Two women show with Caroline Ingham Jeannie Avent Gallery

2018   Made 2018 Drawing, Painting and Sculpture: Group Exhibition Morley College

2018   The Lovely Gallery Winners from 2017 Open Summer Exhibition

2017   The Lovely Gallery Winter Art Fair 2017 (group show)

2017   Shortlisted National Open Art Competition UK

2017   Dulwich Festival Open Artists’ studios (and 2012, 2013)

2017   Two Landings up; Advanced Painting Practice: Group Exhibition Morley College

2016   Shortlisted Society of Women Artists

2016   Made: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Exhibition, Group exhibition Morley Gallery,

2013   Royal Watercolour Society:  Mall Galleries